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Fibroids During Pregnancy

Updated on Nov 25, 2021 by Dr. George Bolotin (Vein & Vascular Specialist) of Vein & Vascular Medical Care

Ideally, you should undergo tests to confirm that you don’t have fibroids before you try to get pregnant. But because you can still develop fibroids during pregnancy, you’re best served by building a relationship with an expert in fibroid treatment to monitor you during the nine months. In Brooklyn, NY, Dr. George Bolotin of the Astra Fibroid Treatment Specialists has extensive experience with fibroids during pregnancy and provides you with the best advice and treatment. He helps you get through the discomfort that may accompany the fibroids and ensures they don’t interfere with your delivery. Whether you have a diagnosis yet or not, call on Dr. Bolotin as soon as possible if you show any symptoms of fibroids during your pregnancy.

What Are Fibroids?

Uterine fibroids are non-cancerous muscular growths in your uterus. The tumors are present in a high percentage of women of childbearing age, with a prevalence rate of up to 21 percent. The cause of uterine fibroids is unclear, although there appears to be a close link between the hormones estrogen and progestogen and the growth of these tumors. Overweight and obese women, African American women, and women with a family history of fibroids are most at risk of developing uterine tumors.

You may not even know you have fibroids, since usually only larger ones — or groups of them — cause symptoms. Because fibroids negatively affect fertility and cause pregnancy complications, unsuccessful attempts to conceive often lead doctors to discover uterine fibroids. If you have had problems getting pregnant or your pregnancy has suffered multiple issues, consult a fibroids specialist for a thorough checkup.

The Astra Fibroid Treatment Specialists in Brooklyn leverages the latest medical research and technology to combat abnormal vein and fibroid conditions. Founder Dr. George Bolotin, a leading fibroids specialist in New York City, uses a multi-disciplinary approach to fibroid treatments, which helps improve the success of your treatment.

Can Fibroids Negatively Affect My Pregnancy?

Fibroids during pregnancy can lead to multiple complications, some of which threaten the development of your child. Depending on the type, size, location, and condition of your fibroids — as well as the extent of their growth, your overall health, and your symptoms — some of the risks that may arise include:

  • Vaginal delivery complications. Fibroids can affect the shape of your uterus. As they grow, there’s a risk of a breach pregnancy, where your baby’s head is up in the uterus, with the feet pointed toward the birth canal.
  • Pre-term delivery. The spasms of pain that come with fibroids can lead to changes in your uterus, including contractions that, if not checked, can lead to pre-term delivery.
  • Fibroid enlargement. The pregnancy increases your estrogen production, which also promotes the growth of fibroids. If the fibroid growth comes with severe symptoms, you experience a lot of pain and discomfort.
  • Miscarriage. Uterine fibroids double the risk of a miscarriage.
  • Poor contractions. This condition makes it difficult to reach complete cervical dilation, often making it necessary to have a caesarian delivery (or C-section). If you have fibroids, the need for caesarian delivery increases six-fold.
  • Hemorrhaging after delivery. Poor contractions can cause postpartum hemorrhaging. If you have fibroids during pregnancy, you must give birth in a fully equipped hospital setting in case of emergency.

Before you get pregnant, request a fibroid ultrasound from your doctor or a fibroid specialist like Dr. Bolotin. He may decide to use an MRI or another diagnostic imaging test to confirm the presence of fibroids. Protecting your pregnancy, if you already are pregnant, is critical at this stage.

What Are the Symptoms of Fibroids During Pregnancy?

Many women have asymptomatic fibroids, and they experience no problems getting pregnant or having a normal delivery. In other women, though, fibroids have severe symptoms, which affect their efforts to get pregnant or deliver normally. Some of these symptoms include:

Dr. Bolotin has years of experience treating fibroids. At his practice in Brooklyn, he uses the best medical technology to protect your pregnancy. Through correct fibroid diagnosis at an early stage, careful observation and the choice of the safest treatment options, you enjoy a less stressful pregnancy, and you’re able to carry your baby to a full term.
Major causes of uterine fibroids

What’s the Treatment for Fibroids During Pregnancy?

Removing fibroids during pregnancy is highly risky and not usually recommended. Your doctor may use different strategies as part of your treatment plan until after you deliver. These strategies include:

  • Close observation. Because of the high risks caused by fibroids during pregnancy for you and the unborn baby, your doctor closely monitors you at every stage.
  • Pain medication. Your doctor prescribes the safest pain-relieving medication, such as over-the-counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), to control your symptoms.

The best option is to treat the fibroids after your pregnancy. Dr. Bolotin has a number of treatment options that include fibroid removal through:

  • Uterine fibroid embolization, a minimally invasive technique that Dr. Bolotin has mastered
  • Endometrial ablation
  • Hormone treatments, such as GnRH agonists
  • Myomectomy
  • Hysterectomy

If you’re worried about what to expect when you’re pregnant with fibroids, visit the team at the Astra Fibroid Treatment Specialists. Dr. Bolotin leads a qualified team that uses the latest medical technology to diagnose, identify, monitor, and treat fibroid complications. Contact the fibroid specialists in Brooklyn today to get professional help with fibroids.

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