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Vein Conditions

Updated on Nov 30, 2021 by Dr. George Bolotin (Vein & Vascular Specialist) of Vein & Vascular Medical Care

Problems with your veins happen for a number of reasons, from lack of movement and excessive weight gain to heart disease and inherited vein conditions. It doesn’t help if you have a job that requires you to sit or stand in one place for long stretches. To take care of your veins, call the Astra Vein Treatment Center in Brooklyn, NY. Dr. George Bolotin, one of the best vein doctors in the city, offers a range of treatment options and advice. Receive the best treatment at the vein center in Brooklyn for everything from minor conditions like spider veins to major circulation problems. Call today.

Why Do Veins Fail?

Stages of Common vein conditionsVeins are tasked with returning blood to your heart and lungs. Veins are most stressed in your extremities because the blood flow has to fight gravity as well as inertia. Like every part of the body, from your bones to your skin, your veins are subject to abuse and wear and tear.

To help your blood flow properly, veins have internal valves that prevent blood from flowing backward. It’s these valves that tend to fail. It usually happens in your legs, where the stress is greatest. The blood then pools, which causes the vein walls to stretch, sometimes to the point of leakage.

When you notice symptoms of failing veins, contact the best vein doctor in Brooklyn: Dr. George Bolotin. Visit his vein clinic at the Astra Vein Treatment Center for a correct diagnosis and effective treatment.

What Symptoms Should I Look for?

When the valves in your veins fail or when blockages impede the flow, you notice symptoms that may include:

These symptoms can signal a vein condition or an underlying medical concern. Early intervention from a vein specialist like Dr. Bolotin can help you prevent even worse complications.

What Types of Vein Conditions Are There?

When you visit Dr. Bolotin for a consultation, he examines your extremities and asks questions about how long you’d had the symptoms. He may need further tests to confirm a diagnosis, but he quickly gets to the cause of your symptoms.

Once he’s diagnosed with your vein conditions, he can begin treatment.  Your symptoms may point to a number of different maladies, such as:

Contact Dr. Bolotin for the best thorough and personalized attention. Take care of your vein problems and return to an active lifestyle.

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